Domnall Blackwood

Last beast master of the Blackwood Elves


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Kalasali woods outskirts by the ka asa mountains is where he was born, he lived with his clan of wood elves the blackwood clan.  They were a more aggressive sect of elves.  A few of them had broke their age old agreement with the giants of the mountains to never venture into their territory.  The elves were cautious but were seen by chance coming down the mountain back to the jungle.  They came in the night as a warband, burned and killed all the blackwood clan except 1.  Domnall at the age of 65 was still inexperienced in the arts of his predicessors.  He hated the giants for they had done and he spent the next 20 years tracking them in their own territory. Studying their moves, habits, and learning their language. One day when he was hunting a family of giants, he was caught offguard and nearly bludgeoned to death by the giants, until Drakk the Ironheart happened along his path and they escaped together.  Domnall brought drakk back yada yada traveling training hunting to pekal.

Domnall Blackwood

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