Tiberius Brightshield

Human Paladin


Tall and well trimmed, Tiberius embodies everything one would expect in a hero.
He has both the chiseled chin of his father and the striking grey eyes of his mother. His long dusty mane is well groomed and frequently set in braid along his back.


Originally from the rich merchant family, Brightpurse, Tiberius was raised in a world full of excess and praise.
His father, Kirkus Brightpurse, enlisted Tiberius in every local game. A skilled athlete in his own rite, Tiberius always performed well but hardly ever well enough to win. Kirkus, never one to let fair play stand in the way of victory, would often quietly pay off the other contestants or judges in order to secure the glory of 1st place for his eldest son.
Thus, as Tiberius grew into a man, so his ego bloomed. So over inflated with pride was he, Tiberius came to believe that his only true equal must reside among the gods themselves.
A slightly daft but good hearted fellow nonetheless, Tiberious decided to use his self-perceived godlike power to protect the helpless mortals around him. And so, without a word to his family, Tiberious changed his surname to Brightshield and set off to pursue the life of a paladin.

Tiberius Brightshield

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