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The Kingdoms of Kalamar- Wrecking Havoc on Tellene!!

5 Heroes from all different parts of Tellene have come together in this Epic Adventure. Their decisions could change the face of this vast world forever. Will they side with the powerful yet corrupt Kalamaran Empire or join the Rebel  Resistance led by Pekal? Only time will tell…

* Maltos- Mysterious  Half-Orc Barbarian that was left for dead as a baby and found by a hardworking Lumberjack. Has worked hard his entire life but has made the decision to seek a life of adventure after the death of his mentor. Nobody is quite sure what Maltos is capable of, his Fate is yet to reveal itself.

*Domnall Blackwood- Wood Elf Beastmaster from the Kalasali Woods. Domnall is an unrivaled bowman and was blessed by Belanar with a unique gift to control the Beasts of the Wilds. One of three survivors of the Blackwood tribe. The Blackwood Tribe was once flourishing and destined for great things but was annihilated by Giants. The merciless Kalamaran Empire has since overtaken Kalasali Hold. Domnall is currently traveling with his fellow tribesman Drakk to the Pekalese City of Bet Rogala .

*Rolvyn Blackwood- Wood Elf Druid from the Kalasali Woods. Was blessed by Belanar with the ability to shape change at a very young age. One of three survivors from the Blackwood tribe. After his family was annihilated by Ka'Asa Giants and his home was taken by the Kalamaran Empire, he was forced to relocate to Pekal and survive on his own in the slums of Bet Rogala. Some things that Rolvyn has done to survive he will never mention. 

*Tiberius Brightshield- Promising Brandobian Paladin from a wealthy Family and raised with privilege. After being pushed too far by his Father his entire life, Tiberius made the decision to depart from his homeland and serve as one of the "Righteous" for the people of Tellene. He is a bit arrogant but destined for great things.

*Nok Su Kow- Orphaned Human Monk from an unknown location. Left for dead at a monk temple at a very young age. He was forced to serve the Monks in any means necessary. In exchange for service he was trained in the secrets of Ki. Has since departed the temple and plans to use his mysterious untapped powers to serve the helpless.  

Home Page

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