Drakk Ironheart

Former Captain of the "Iron Top" Legion, Freed Gladiator Champion & Blackwood Tribe Survivor


Considered average size for a male Mountain Dwarf at 5 feet tall and 200 pounds. Said to have long dark hair and a long braided beard. He is also said to have unique silvery eyes. According to Karastan and Draskan archives he is still a young Dwarf at 70 years of age.

Drakk and his Father Korvenus are direct descendants of the Legendary Ironheart Shield Dwarves of Draska. The Ironheart Clan were proud Dwarves that defended the Dwarven Kingdom of Draska for centuries. The abundant Draskan mines beneath the Byth mountains and a portion of the infinite Karastan mines beneath the Ka’Asa mountains currently belong to the Ironheart Family. The Ironheart Clan is also renowned for mastering the craft of “Dwarven Bronze” which is very sought after throughout Tellene.

Birth name is Drakk which means Dragon in the Dwarven tongue. Nicknamed and commonly known as “Ironheart” from his years as a Gladiator in the Arena and obviously by his Heritage. He is renowned in the towns & taverns of Tellene for his love of drink, women, and stirring up trouble. What most folks do not know about Drakk Ironheart however is that he is an avid outdoors man, a dedicated archaeologist, and an exceptional Blacksmith. But above all other things the “Ring of Steel” will forever hold his heart.


Drakk Ironheart was born in the Dwarven Kingdom of Karasta which is also known as “Iron Top”. Karasta has been a Dwarven Hold beneath the Ka’Asa Mountains for many centuries and is renowned for it’s magnificent halls and infinite mines. Their primary resource is the trade of “Dwarven Bronze” which the Ironheart Clan of Draska invented. Karasta is also the largest producer of precious gems throughout all of Tellene.

Karasta “Iron Top”- Kingdom Entrance high atop the Ka’Asa Mountains

Drakk is the last full blooded Son of Honorable Korvenus Ironheart. Both of his older Brothers were killed in battle. The eldest during the defense of Karasta against the Dreadscale Marauders of Obkasek and the last one defending Karasta against the Kalamaran invasion. At a young age Drakk was forced into the “Iron Top” Legion. His older Brothers were always much more determined and dedicated to the soldier lifestyle but could never compare in natural ability. Drakk grew to hate the Legion and his Father’s repetitive training. For many of his early years he could only be found excavating in the Karastan mines or learning from the Dwarven Blacksmiths instead of being committed to his training. During the historical assault on Karasta by the Dreadscale Marauders, Drakk remained hidden in the Karastan mines instead of attempting to aid his people. If Drakk would have made his presence known he would not be among the living today. The invaders were under strict orders by their Leader to give no quarter to the people of “Iron Top”. Hundreds were killed during this invasion with Lord Korr of the Artorian Knights and the mighty Korvath Ironheart among them. Korr could not overcome his wounds after defeating the Evil Dragon Veraxus’ in an epic duel and Korvath fell due to the overwhelming numbers of the Dreadscales.

The Defense of Karasta “Iron Top” against the Dreadscales

Just a few months after the massive assault, Drakk’s Aunt VelRana mysteriously died due to illness. The Ironheart Family believes to this day that she died of a broken heart after the death of her husband Korr and her Nephew Korvath. Korvenus adopted his Sister’s eight year old Son Kraxus Artorious who is a hybrid and raised him as his own. Korvenus was honored to take in his Nephew and the Son of his Legendary Fhokki friend Korr. Drakk also proudly accepted this hybrid child as his Brother and decided to help train him and mold him in the ways of the Legion. Drakk was never so dedicated to the discipline of the Legion until he had this opportunity. The two of them spent years side by side hunting Orcs and killing Giants and were thought to be inseparable until one day Drakk received word of his Brother’s imminent departure. After all they had been through Kraxus accepted the offer to leave Karasta and command what remained of his Father’s Artorian Knights. They were currently stationed in the Dwarven City of Draska beneath the Byth Mountains and were rumored to have joined the rebel resistance against Kalamar. Kraxus’ decision to depart Karasta devastated Drakk and this forced him to completely lose all heart and discipline. Drakk’s insubordination spiraled out of control and he replaced the loss of his Brother with drunkenness and intolerable behavior. After several reports of brawls breaking out, valuable mining sites being destroyed, and Drakk almost killing several Karastans in a drunken stupor, Korvenus was regretfully forced to exile his Son from Karasta and the “Iron Top” Legion.

Drakk Ironheart & Kraxus Artorious slaying Giants in the Ka’Asa Mountains

For the first time Drakk was forced to survive on his own. He was taught the blacksmith trade and given the secret of “Dwarven Bronze” during his time with the Dwarven Smiths. After a long couple years of crafting and trading his creations, Drakk finally gained his footing and the means to make an honest living as a blacksmith. He purchased a small home and opened a forge in the harbor city of Pagalido on the outskirts of the Obakasek Jungle. One fateful day the harbor came under attack by the ruthless Dreadscale Marauders. Drakk knew from his child hood that the Dreadscales were not to be trifled with but he would not allow the innocent people to be mercilessly slain. Drakk made the honorable decision to stand and fight for the helpless but being well outnumbered fell to the Dreadscales’ savagery. The raiders left a select few alive, took all valuables, and burned the harbor to the ground. The survivors were kept being sold into slavery and unfortunately for Drakk he was among them. The Dreadscales somehow discovered that Drakk was the exiled Son of Korvenus Ironheart and this fetched a hefty price for the injured Mountain Dwarf. Drakk was sold to a Kalamaran Lanista named Meredeus who had a prominent Ludus in Bet Kalamar.

Grand Amphitheater of Bet Kalamar

Drakk spent the next several years as a Gladiator slave and was forced to pick scraps and lick the boots of the veterans. He would have to earn his mark of Brotherhood with proper training and blood in the Arena. One evening during a brief rebellion, Lanista Meredeus came under attack after a handful of the slaves were able to slip past the guards. Being honorable once again, Drakk intervened and killed all three of the attackers sustaining minor wounds. This noble deed along with the knowledge of his Family Heritage earned Drakk the name of “Ironheart” and the respect of the Brotherhood. Drakk was now favored by Lanista Meredeus and was given some of the higher stakes fights so he could earn a name for himself. The mobs began to roar the name “Ironheart” louder and louder after each spectacular victory. Finally after many triumphs and becoming a crowd favorite, “Ironheart” was offered a fight against the current “Champion” in the glorious Grand Amphitheater of Bet Kalamar. The current “Champion” was the former Chieftain of a once prominent Dejy Tribe and was thought to be invincible. “Ironheart” had been offered his freedom and a hefty purse he just had to win against this formidable foe. When the time had come to fight the Herald announced the two combatants along with the surprising addition of a starved Ettin for added flavor. The “Champion” fought his heart out but had no experience fighting against Giants, he was nearly pummeled to death while “Ironheart” enjoyed the show. The clumsy Ettin then turned it’s attention to “Ironheart” but did not serve a challenge for the former Legionnaire. The Emperor became furious and the crowd began to heckle as they watched “Ironheart” toy with the Ettin. The Emperor commanded “Ironheart” to slay the Ettin and execute the helpless “Champion” or face his wrath. Shamefully, “Ironheart” obliged and claimed his new title. The Emperor considered this match a disgrace yet honored the agreement that was made. As per Kalamaran custom an extravagant celebration was thrown for their new Champion. “Ironheart” was given the Rudis, a runic long sword that symbolizes a Gladiator that earned their freedom in the Arena and he was made two separate offers. The first offer was to remain the Champion and fight as a free Gladiator or to take the Rudis along with the winnings and live as a free citizen. Drakk of course chose the second option. After a few weeks word began to spread throughout Karasta and Draska of Drakk’s victory in front of the Emperor and his exile was lifted. Drakk finally earned his freedom and was able to continue on with his life free of all burdens.

Draska- Entrance beneath the Byth Mountains

After earning his freedom and receiving the Rudis, Drakk headed North through the Ka’Asa Mountains and towards the Byth Mountains. He was heading to his Family’s Hold in the Dwarven Kingdom of Draska. As he reached the northern edges of the Ka’Asa Mountains he encountered a captured wood elf named Domnall Blackwood. After Drakk saved the Elf’s life from a family of hungry Ettins they made there way South to Kalasali Hold. Domnall introduced the rugged Mountain Dwarf to his tribesman as Drakk the Ironheart. The Blackwoods were honorable folk and they taught Drakk a great many things. He spent many years as an equal among the Blackwood tribe and not only learned how to read and write in their language he became an invaluable tribesman and their only quality Blacksmith. This was an enlightening experience compared to his time with the “Iron Top” Legion and the Gladiators of Bet Kalamar. Drakk was introduced to religion for the first time by the Blackwoods and began to follow the Path of Belanar “The Father of the Treants” (Kernus “The Bear” in the Dwarven tongue). The Blackwood Tribe of the Kalasali Woods followed Belanar for hundreds of years and were rumored to have been blessed with special abilities. They could not only control the creatures of the wilds but communicate with them and sometimes take their shape as well. Word spread for a time of the Blackwood tribe flying over fishing villages and over hunter’s cabins atop Giant Eagle’s and Giant Owl’s. But these are only rumors. Unfortunately in recent years the Blackwood tribe has faced annihilation. After being weakened over several decades by the Ka’Asa Mountain Giants, the Kalamaran Empire disgracefully took advantage of the opportunity and overtook Kalasali Hold. The Kalamarans have control of the Hold to this day and have no intention of allowing the Blackwood Tribe to rebuild. Domnall Blackwood, Rolvyn Blackwood, and Drakk Ironheart are the last survivors of the once flourishing Blackwood Tribe of Kalasali.

Kalasali Hold- Captured Home of The Blackwood Tribe

Drakk’s Father Korvenus has lifted his exile and asked that he return to Karasta and aid in the rebellion but his stubbornness and hurt pride always conquers. Drakk has also recently reconciled with his Brother Kraxus after over 20 years. They ran into each other outside of a brothel in Draska. After a long reminiscent conversation Kraxus asked Drakk to bring his Blackwood allies back to Draska and join the Rebel Resistance. After Drakk was bought into slavery by the Kalamarans and the peaceful Kalasali Hold was taken from the Blackwood Tribe by the Kalamarans, perhaps the time had come to join a righteous cause. It may be time to make a difference and join the fight against the corrupt Kalamaran Empire. The Blackwood Tribe Survivors would be an invaluable asset to the rebellion. However, for now Drakk and Domnall would continue to travel in search of their fellow tribesman Rolvyn. He was rumored to have been seen living a not so favorable life in the slums of Bet Rogala.

To Be Continued

Drakk Ironheart

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