Korvenus Ironheart

Commander of the "Iron Top" Legion and Part Owner of the Draskan & Karastan Mines



Korvenus is a Mountain Dwarf and Descendant of the Legendary Ironheart Clan of Draska.

He is said to be 5’0" tall and 200 pounds.

According to Karastan and Draskan Archives Korvenus is 152 years of age.


Karasta “Iron Top”- Kingdom Entrance high atop the Ka’Asa Mountains

Korvenus Ironheart was born in the Hidden Dwarven City of Draska beneath the Byth Mountains. His Family was relocated to Karasta after a trade agreement was signed for “Dwarven Bronze” between the Draskan Council and the “Iron Top” Citadel. Korvenus is the Father of Drakk Ironheart and the Adoptive Father of Kraxus Artorious. He is the current Commander of the “Iron Top” Legion and his Family are part owners of both the Karastan mines & the Draskan mines.

His Son Kraxus Artorious has been stationed in Draska for over 20 years with more than 4000 Artorian Knights and Legionnaires at his command. They have an agreement in place with Pekal and Karasta to join the Rebellion against Kalamar when the appropriate time arises. Karasta has been under Kalamaran control for over 15 years but they have secret plans to join the Rebel Resistance and reclaim their independence. Korvenus would lead this rebellion with his Legion and over 5000 eager Shield Dwarves.

Korvenus and Kraxus have pleaded with Drakk to return to Karasta or Draska and join their righteous cause but the stubbornness of Dwarves knows no bounds.

Both Dwarven Kingdoms strongly believe in their “independence” and they are willing to give their lives for it. Only time will tell…

Korvenus Ironheart

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