Kraxus Artorious

Knight Commander of Draska & Former "Iron Top" Legionnaire



Born Half-Fhokki and Half-Mountain Dwarf.

Appears mostly as a Fhokki but extremely muscular.

According to Karastan and Draskan archives Kraxus is 45 years of age.


Draska- Entrance beneath the Byth Mountains

Kraxus was born in the Hidden Dwarven City of Draska. He is the Son of deceased Fhokki Lord Korr Artorious of the Artorian Knights and of deceased Ironheart Dwarf VelRana Ironheart. He is one of only a few hybrids known to exist.

At just eight years of age his Mother and Father both died. Kraxus was adopted by his Uncle Korvenus Ironheart and was relocated to Karasta. He was mostly raised by his Brother Drakk Ironheart. Kraxus was recruited into the “Iron Top” Legion at just 10 years of age. After many years of training and loyal service he was made the offer of taking over command of his Father Korr’s Artorian Knights in Draska. Kraxus was honored to follow in his Legendary Father’s footsteps and jumped at this oppourtunity. He is currently the Commander of an independent army of over 4000 Artorian Knights and Shield Dwarves.

Kraxus searched for his Brother Drakk diligently when word spread of his capture by the Dreadscale Marauders. After over 20 years of searching he ran into Drakk outside of a brothel in Draska. They had a long reminiscent conversation and Kraxus learned that after Drakk earned his freedom from the Emperor in the Arena he joined the Blackwood Tribe of Kalasali Hold and has served them quietly and loyally for many years. After their conversation the Brothers parted ways with hopes of remaining in contact. Kraxus knew that this was possibly the only opportunity he would have to recruit his Brother and any of his Blackwood tribesman into the rebellion, however he also knew that recruiting Drakk into anything would be no simple task. The decision to join would have to be his Brother’s idea. Drakk always had a mind of his own and is as stubborn as it gets… Even for a Dwarf.

Kraxus Artorious

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