Nok'Su Kao

Human Monk


Personality Traits
I am quiet until I feel that I truly understand who you are, However, I am not inherently trusting.
I tend to want to protect good and brave people that lack the means to defend themselves

I am here to make the world a better place and teach those who wish to learn. Knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility.

I was dropped off at the monastery with nothing and do not covet material wealth. I try not to own more than I can carry.

I am sometimes overly selfless. I try to be helpful and sometimes tend to be naive to people who take advantage of my willingness to help.

DIETY: (see Kalamar Wiki)
The PowerMaster

  • Merchant’s Tongue: Powermaster, The Harbinger of Healing, The Invigorator, The Quickener
  • Brandobian: Strocor
  • Dejy: Stryjor
  • Fhokki: Stokker
  • Kalamaran: Sitiri
  • Reanaarese: Seenoor
  • Svimohzish: Shozor
  • Low Elven: Alabriria
  • Dwarven: Lasterm
  • Gnomish: Wiakith
  • Halfling: Lekimal
  • Hobgoblin: Thagraz-Ranmek-Kro
  • Orc: Porag

Spheres of Influence: The PowerMaster is the deity of strength and medicine.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Spells Returned: At Noon
Symbol: Mountain rising up through a cloud.
Divine Focus: An equilateral triangle with blue, white, and silver angles.
Weapon: Greatclub
Domains: Healing, Knowlege, Law, Magic, Divination, Craft
Clergy Classes: Monk, Cleric, Archivist, Defender, Expert
Appearance: The Harbinger of Healing appears as an enormous, strapping young being. He is bald except for a braided shoulder-length tail of black hair. The PowerMaster is clad in sleeveless blue robes with a large silver girdle. The Invigorator wields a silver greatclub (called “Foecrusher”).

Allies: The Church of Everlasting Hope, the Order of Thought, the Founder’s Creation
Enemies: The House of Shackles, the Conventicle of Affliction, the House of Vice, the Order of the Passionate One, the Confuser of Ways

“Heal the soul and the body will follow
Discipline makes for great strength
Balance the three strengths to gain perfection.”

A farewell:
“Go in good health.”


I was dropped off at the doorstep of a Monastery when I was too young to remember. The Monks raised meas if I was one of their own. As a young child I was given the tasks that no one wanted to do in order to earn my food and shelter. I watched the Monks carefully even at that young age and learned to act like the aging Monks.

I worked hard for the brotherhood, taking on many responsibilities at the Monastery, and never complained. The wise masters respected this about me and grew fond of me. Throughout these early years each of the wise masters took me under their wings and taught me many of their best techniques. I was a quick study and a well rounded student, the masters started calling me “Nok’su Kao” (the white warrior), and I came to know it as my name.

As a young adult, the brothers viewed me as their equal and had me train the newest additions to the brotherhood. They were very happy with the way I trained the recruits in not only the martial arts, but also to complete the daily tasks of the monastery. I was no longer need as the masters delegated the menial tasks to the new brothers – see I left to explore the world and find more people that I can call my brothers.

Nok'Su Kao

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