Rolvyn Blackwood

Druid of Belanar & Survivor of the Blackwood Tribe


Rolvyn was born in the Kalasali Woods on the western border of the Ka’Asa Mountains. As a young Elf he was a promising Ranger of the Blackwood Tribe but found that he had been gifted with extraordinary abilities by Belanar “The Bear”. His tribe was known to have the ability to control and commune with creatures of the Wilds but he was somehow able to take their form. This became an invaluable weapon during the ceaseless war with the Giants of the Ka’Asa Mountains. Rolvyn and his kinsman Domnall Blackwood are two of the few remaining survivors of the Blackwood tribe of Kalasali. The Giants have come close to annihilating an entire tribe that was once blessed by Belanar and flourishing.

Rolvyn and Domnall are currently in route to the city of Pekal to meet up with their fellow tribesman “Vorenus” (Drakk the Ironheart). Drakk had been in the city for sometime and was offered a couple good propositions. The three Blackwood survivors would have to decide if these offers would benefit their Tribe.

Rolvyn Blackwood

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